Be a Leader

Being and influencer can be viewed in a positive or negative light. Typically when you are younger, your parents would say you are being influenced by that bad kid or use the phrase “If everyone else was jumping off a bridge would you?” The good side of influencing is getting a team inspired to do well, or have the ability or idea to persuade people to donate to a certain cause or charity. People view the positive influencer as a leader.

Both examples, whether it be positive or negative outcomes have one common item. You. You have the final say in whether you want to “Jump off the Bridge” with everyone else or not.

Be the Leader

Good or bad you have the final say in what you want your final actions to be. If you are the influencer, wouldn’t it be better to influence people to do good, or better for themselves, or someone else? We have to spend a good amount of our time with the people around us, don’t you think we should persuade people in a positive direction?

There is always a time when you will need to take the jump off the bridge with the others... especially when the bridge is on fire!

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