Foundation Problems in the Aftermath of Severe Weather

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As the rain storms seem to be letting up, we all have witnessed the havoc that they have left behind, with flooded roads; causing hazardous driving conditions, and leaving some drivers stranded and waiting rescue. Road closures; which caused the shut down of several Southern California schools, and even mud slides. These storms have even caused homes to be evacuated while many homes succumbed to the conditions and became flooded throughout. If you watched news reports during the storms, you may have seen many residents making light of the situations, rowing boats or even jet skiing down flooded streets and some out dancing in the rain. However; now that the showers seem to be leaving the forecast for a while, the clean up begins. It is important to know that though the flooding that was seen has caused much damage there is also underling damage that may go unnoticed for some time

These rains and the flooding most likely have cause soils to wash out or even have saturated the soils so much that they are now expanding after so many months of dry weather. This expansion and wash out of soils can cause your homes foundation to settle. This settlement can become a major problem, if not addressed. If you feel that your home may have been subject to more then just flooding please give the professionals at Dalinghaus Construction a call today to set up a free in home inspection.

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