Giving Credit

Yesterday during our church sermon, our pastor talked about giving credit and how it effects the people we have relationships with. He talked about how most of us, don't give credit were credit is due nearly as much as we should. We take a lot of what people do for granted. People thrive on the recognition that they have performed above the given norm or the previously set expectations. Unfortunately, doing something above and beyond is a trait that is being almost eliminated from today's youths mindset. We will save the participation trophy discussion for another day.

Having a team of like minded people that continuously give positive reinforcement, not only fosters a wanting more ideology, but it is contagious. Not only with the team, but others who come in contact with anyone from the team. They will take that positive reinforcement mentality home with them, they will tell their significant other how well they do something or did something. Their kids will see the benefits, by getting better motivational feedback on their performances in school and in their extra curricular activities. And if done correctly, they will pass it on to the people that they have interactions with.

That being said, we would like to thank our team for being the best in the business. We don’t say it enough, but without our team we would be mediocre at best.

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