Landslides, Mudslides and your home

Landslides and Mudslides are defined as a mass of mud and other earthy material that is falling or has fallen down a hillside or other slope. Some times these happen naturally as our Earth is always reshaping itself, and has been for the last several million years. But in Southern California a lot of the time they are triggered by outside factors. We currently are experiencing one as we speak in the form of this years El Nino. With the El Nino weather we are experiencing heavier than usual rain, which in the last 4-5 years wouldn't take much to do. With it dumping such a large amount of water in such a short amount of time, it doesn't allow our soils to react normally to them. It essentially overloads the typical clayey soils and once the clay soils are saturated they become slippery, and you guessed it, will not have enough integrity to stay in it's current location.

There are a few procedures that you can do to better prepare your home and yourself if you are on or near one of these slopes. One is getting better drainage to your property. Don't allow that water to sit on your property, have it drain to the street or at least away from your home and hillside. You can then get even more extreme with the addition of retaining walls and underpinning and tying back your home or structure.

Landslides, Mudslides and your home

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