Understanding our Customer's Why

Every one of our customers that contacts us has a reason for (What) they are calling for. They typically, are not calling to ask us about last night's big game! Customer's initial call to us is because they have something that they would like to address. All companies respond with some sort of way to fix their customer's problems (How). From their they would typically agree on a solution and a price and would go about and fix their customer's problem. Almost all companies function in this manner, never diving a little bit deeper into the real reason for the call. The WHY. The WHY a customer finally makes that call to a company is the real reason for "WHAT" needs to be fixed. It could be that they are just tired of the stress of worrying about not getting this fixed or maybe they are looking at wanting to move and not leave this for someone else to deal with. Maybe it's a New Year's resolution to get the house fixed. Whatever it may be, there is always a "Why". Our job at Dalinghaus Construction is to help you fix the What with keeping your Why as our number one goal.

Understanding our Customer's Why

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