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Foundation Repair & Concrete Lifting in Costa Mesa, CA

The suburban city of Costa Mesa California, located in Orange County has the potential for more people and businesses so it's important to have a company you can trust with foundation repairs and construction.

We work with leading professionals in the industry as well as engineering, architectural, and real estate professionals. Because of this, we can provide the best possible services to our residential and commercial property owners. We always keep our customer's vision and expectations in the forefront of our mind, in order to provide the most cost-effective, non-disruptive, and highest quality workmanship in the business.

Dalinghaus Construction Services

Consider Dalinghaus as the trusted leader for real estate questions and consulting needs!

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*Free Inspections are for homeowners. The homeowner must be present during the time of the inspection. If the property is on the market or in escrow, a fee will be charged for the inspection to go towards the costs of repairs.

We have two licensed real estate agents on staff to aid our clients who are looking to buy and sell their homes. Our agents provide support every step of the way giving you peace of mind. We offer home inspection services and assistance in all aspects of real estate. We know how trying it is to buy a home, and we'll make sure the investment is structurally sound and up to code.

Our promise to you: We “NEVER SETTLE” for anything but the BEST!

Why Choose Us?

Our foundation repair, concrete lifting, and support or anchoring products are manufactured to the highest standards, comply with the industry’s strictest guidelines, and have been tested by over 100 major structural repair contractors throughout North America. Installation of any product comes with a manufacturer's warranty along with our own in-house written, transferable warranty!

We take pride in our determination to complete a project quickly and efficiently, and we can now offer a portfolio which includes the ability to deliver a full and comprehensive project fix, whether it consists of teardown, foundation stabilization or repair, home remodeling or simply adding the finishing touches to your kitchen or bath.

If you're looking for a home remodeling, restoration, or foundation repair company in Costa Mesa, CA or surrounding areas, contact Dalinghaus today at 951-379-3431.

Customer Reviews from Costa Mesa
Nathan L. from Costa Mesa, CA
5 Stars
May 23rd, 2017
Quality work along w/ excellent communication!
Completed Jobs from Costa Mesa, CA
Crack in ceiling. Nathan L.
March 24, 2017
Upon arrival for the foundation inspection, our Project Specialist immediately discovered signs of foundation settlement. Using a Ziplevel Altimeter, we found over 11 inches of elevation drop over a twenty five foot span in the home. The cracks in the drywall and concrete slab lined up with the drops in elevation to support our Project Specialist's assumption of major settling and foundation failure. A repair plan and proposal were put together during the inspection, and our Project Specialist recommended installing 18 hydraulically driven, steel push piers to lift the home to maximum practical recovery along with 800 square feet of polyurethane to be injected to fill the foil between the soil and slab after lifting is completed.
Estimate Request from Costa Mesa, CA
CK H. on July 7, 2017 1:26:01pm
HI, just received an email from Emily regarding the project at 1670 Iowa St and am trying to get in touch with her. Would like to just request a few documents be sent to the buyer. thank you. Redwood Investments LLC
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