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Seismic Retrofittingv
The purpose of foundation repair is for your peace of mind. And we want you to have peace when preparing for your project.
Retaining Wall
What’s the difference between a retaining wall and a common wall? What’s similar? How do they work? Check out this article to learn more...
deep foundation
Curious to know about deep foundations? They aren’t standard for your typical home. They’re unseen but are larger than you may think.
foundation repair
Dalinghaus Construction Inc. has assisted tens of thousands of homeowners with foundation repair projects across Southern California
commercial underpinning
Whether you live in Southern California or Arizona you’re bound to see a home that has settled or sunk. this article is for you!
slab foundation crawlspace
Do you live in Southern California or Arizona and are unsure what type of foundation your house has? Slab Foundation, Crawlspace, or Basement