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5 Best Foundation Repair Companies in Ventura County

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Ventura County is not just a zipping metropolis founded on beach culture. Ventura County is also home to the esteemed Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the surfboard-studded Emma Wood State Beach, and the iconic Ventura Pier. 

Turns out – sand is coarse and rough and not a great load-bearing soil. In addition, expansive soil is prevalent, making Ventura county no stranger to foundation settlement and foundation heave.

Fight back the drywall cracks and sloping floors with foundation repair! 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Foundation Repair Contractors in Ventura County.    

Our selection was based on a variety of factors:

  • We selected nothing below 4.3 (out of 5) Google Stars

We here at Dalinghaus have repaired over 2000 foundations and have over 100 years of combined foundation repair experience (yeah, some of us are that old). While we believe we are a fantastic fit for most foundation repair projects, we understand it’s important to weigh your options.

Best Foundation Repair Contractors in Ventura County

Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair

Office Location:

Woodland Hills, CA

Golden Retrofit Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

5 Stars and 139 Reviews

CA General Contractor’s License Number:  


Services Offered:

  • Foundation Replacement
  • Foundation leveling
  • Pier and Post support systems
  • Earthquake Retrofitting
    • Hold downs
    • Anchors & anchor bolts
    • Strap ties
    • Framing angles
    • Wood blocking
    • Structural Sheathing
  • Foundation Repair
    • Remedial repairs of:
      • Cracked foundations
      • Settled foundations
      • Shifted foundations
      • Rotated foundations

Ram Jack So Cal  

Office Location: 

Los Angeles, CA

Ram Jack Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

4.4 Stars and 14 Reviews

CA General Contractor’s License Number: 


Services Offered:

  • Foundation Repair
    • Driven Piles System
    • Leaning Chimney Repair
    • Pier & Chimney Repair
    • Pier & Beam Support
    • House Lifting & House Raising
    • Repair Cost
    • Helical Piles System
    • Slab Repair
    • Timber Pile Support
    • Soil Injection
  • Basement & Wall Solutions
    • Wall Tie Back Solutions
    • Retaining Wall Solutions
    • Carbon Fiber Support
    •  Seawall Solutions
  • Concrete Lifting & Repair
    • Polyurethane Injection
    • Crack Repair
  • Waterproofing
    • Drainage
  • Crawlspace
    • Crawl Space Dehumidifier
    • Crawl Space Sump Pump

CXC Contracting, Inc.

Office Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

CXC Contracting, Inc. Google Rating and Number of Reviews4.3 Stars and 6 Reviews

CA General Contractor’s License Number: 972484

Services Offered:

  •   Soft Story Retrofitting
  •   Earthquake Retrofitting
  •   Helical Piers
  •   House Leveling
  •   Foundation Repair
  •   Floor Leveling
  •   House Bolting
  •   Drainage Systems
  •   Waterproofing
  •   French Drains
  •   Sump Pumps
  •   Crawl Space Repair

Professional Foundation Repair 


Office Location:

Garden Grove, CA

Professional Foundation Repair Google Rating and Number of Reviews: 

5 Stars and 22 Reviews

CA General Contractor’s License Number: 


Services Offered:

  •   Slab Foundation
  •   Raised Foundation
  •   Earthquake Retrofitting
  •   Hydraulic Push Piers
  •   Engineering
  •   Carbon Fiber
  •   Real Estate Inspections
  •   Slab Repair – Driveways & Garages

 A A Allied Construction

Office Location: Los Angeles, CA

A A Allied Construction Google Rating and Number of Reviews5 Stars and 12 Reviews

CA General Contractor’s License Number: 437778

Services Offered:

  •   Concrete Foundation Repair Service
  •   Construction Repair Service
  •   Construction Work
  •   Remodeling Services
  •   Water & Fire Damage Restoration
  •   New Foundations 

Choose Dalinghaus 

Dalinghaus Construction Inc. is the only company on this list that we can guarantee will do a fantastic job with your foundation.  

Not only do we have 4.9 stars out of 289 Reviewsover a hundred years of combined experience, expansive licensure, and lifetime warranties on all steel pier systems, we put our money where our mouth is. 

 Check out our article: Why Hire Dalinghaus Construction Incorporated? 

If you live in Southern California or Central Arizona and would like a FREE foundation inspection, click the link below –  


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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