Do I Have Sagging Floors?

Do I Have Sagging Floors?

So your floors are feeling a little off. You may suspect that something is wrong, but you aren’t sure if you are having foundation issues. If your floors feel bouncy, soft, or unlevel…there is a pretty good chance you are having issues, and we should come out and take a look.

Is There Anyway For Me To Check For Issues Myself?

Our inspections are no cost, and no obligation to homeowners. However, we understand your time is valuable, and sometimes homeowners want to be sure they have an issue before they opt to have us come out and take a look. There are a couple tests you can try at home to give you a better idea if you have an issue or not.

  • The Ball Test: Sometimes there is enough deflection in the floors that you can perform the ball test. Get yourself a marble, golf ball, or a ball bearing (something small with a little weight to it is best). Take it, and place it in different points around the area you are concerned with. If you have an issue, you may see that ball rolling down the affected area.
  • The Level Test: A large level would work best for this. Simply place it over the area of concern. If the floors are flat, it should sit flush with the floor, and be level. If there are any gaps between the level and the floor, you might be having issues.

Have You Looked In Your Crawlspace Lately?

You would NOT BELIEVE some of the things we see in peoples crawlspaces!😱 I mean, who really ever goes under their home? Drills, old jacks, stacks and shimmies of wood that look like a bad game of Jenga. Take a look below at some of the crazy things we have found literally HOLDING UP HOMES!

If You Are Questioning It…Why Wait For Answers?

This one is worth repeating: Our inspections are no cost, and no obligations to homeowners! Inspections typically take 60-90 minutes. Our inspections are very thorough. We begin by taking measurements, and drawing an exact footprint of your home. Then, we take a series of elevation readings of your floor with a ziplevel altimeter. This data is able to tell us EXACTLY what areas are sagging…down to 1/10th of an inch! Our specialists also get under the home, for an up close crawlspace inspection. Along the way, our Project Consultants take many, many, pictures. Once they have completed their inspection, they will share their findings, photos, and elevation readings so you yourself can see, black and white,  the exact condition your foundation is in. (And you will come to find not all foundation repair companies will do that) 

If you think you may have sagging floors, you can schedule online, or give us a call today!


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