3 Reasons to Lift Slabs with Polyurethane in Orange County

Is your sidewalk, patio, or concrete driveway settling? Perhaps you’re weighing your options between mudjacking and polyurethane injection leveling? If you live in Orange County (or any locale with expansive soil) and want to know the benefits of lifting/leveling concrete slabs with polyurethane, this article is for you.  

Our team has helped Orange County homeowners lift and level their driveways, patios, and sidewalks via polyurethane injection since 2015. Dalinghaus Construction Inc. holds over 100 years of combined polyurethane experience. We’re here to answer your questions and help you reclaim your sinking slabs.      

This article covers the definition of polyurethane and the 3 primary reasons you should lift and level your concrete slabs via polyurethane injection.

So, let’s inject some serious slab-leveling knowledge.

3 Benefits of Slab Lifting with Polyurethane in Orange County

1.  Polyurethane is Ecofriendly & Non-Invasive Void Fill

In Orange County, we recycle, work hard to mitigate our ecofootprints, and go greener than green. So, obviously, we want to ensure the products we’re pumping into the earth from void fill and slab leveling are eco-friendly. Polyurethane is just the ticket.

Polyurethane foam is created by the chemical reaction formed between diisocyanates and polyols (both agents are derived from organic crude oil). This chemical reaction results in what stuffy scientists refer to as an “open-cellular structure” – aka, foam.

Polyurethane is used for a variety of purposes apart from soil densification, void fill, and slab leveling, such as:

  •   Noise-reduction soundproofing
  •   Insulation
  •   Pacemakers/surgical implants
  •   Mattresses, cushions, pillows, etc.  

Polyurethane foam does a beautiful job of simultaneously filling voids and lifting the concrete back to level because it is malleable upon expansion, fitting into difficult-to-reach and deep nooks.  This foam is incredibly strong, durable, and non-invasive

In short, polyurethane foam is a safe, eco-friendly option to densify weak, non-load-bearing soil and void fill beneath your sinking slab.

2.  Polyurethane Foam is Lighter than Slurry

Let’s be honest – Orange County is a concrete jungle. In the construction industry, cement used to be considered a panacea, a cure-all, for various repairs. But slurry is a bad-horrible-no-good option when it comes to lifting slabs and void fill. Why?

Cement is heavy. Your slab is currently sinking for two reasons: 1). it’s heavy and 2). weak soil. Slurry doesn’t strengthen or densify soil and just adds more weight to an already sinking ship (an additional 140 pounds per cubic foot to be exact).  

Polyurethane is only 3.5 to 5 pounds per cubic foot and reaches 90% compression strength after 15 minutes. In addition, polyurethane can hold a whopping 7,200 pounds per square foot.  

Note – Polyurethane also has smaller application holes than mudjacking, eliminating potentially ugly pockmarks from marring your parking space and or patio.

3.  Polyurethane Has Extensive Warranties

In Orange County, due to the crazy current job market and battle to build equity into your home, every home repair is an investment. Smart investors want warranties – a guarantee of a product or service. Polyurethane injection generally enjoys a 5-year warranty.   

While mudjacking, for example, is typically not covered by a warranty due to its already inexpensive installation price tag. Just because mudjacking is cheaper upfront does not mean it has more value.   

Most of the time, polyurethane injection is a once-and-done application; however, for those projects with particularly weak soil, a second-round may be required. Dalinghaus Construction Inc. stands firmly behind our warranties and has returned to inject more polyurethane foam, free of charge.

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In this article, you learned polyurethane slab lifting is eco-friendly, light, and enjoys long-lasting warranties (adding crazy value). Eradicate trip hazards and relevel your life with polyurethane injection.

Dalinghaus Construction Inc. not only offers slab leveling services via polyurethane, but many different forms of foundation repair, from slab crack repair to post and pad replacement. We are proud to service all of SoCal and Arizona. 

To learn more about the many repair properties of polyurethane, read our article Applications of Polyurethane: Void Fill, Slab Leveling, & Slab Lifting. 

If you live in Orange County (or anywhere in SoCal & AZ for that matter) and would like to book a free polyurethane slab lifting/void fill consultation, click the link below.


Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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