What to do After Your Foundation Repair

Needing foundation repair is already an intimidating thought. The thought of needing to do anything else after isn’t exactly soothing either. There may be more to do with your home after your foundation repair. Knowing this information will provide additional peace of mind.

Thankfully, the majority of what you might have to take care of after your foundation repair comes down to cosmetic issues, which aren’t a threat to your home. Even so, there are things you should be aware of such as what damages may be present after your foundation repair and if you need to hire a contractor or handyman.

(Thankfully, any cosmetic damages are DIY (do it yourself) for the most part.).

Dalinghaus Construction has inspected over 10,000 homes in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada, doing foundation repair for over 2,000 homeowners concerned about what to do after. Many homeowners have to deal with cosmetic issues that aren’t fully fixed by their foundation repair. While we don’t specialize in these fixes, we know how these repairs can be done, who you might be able to hire for these damages, and what you can do after your foundation repair. 

There might be more to do after your foundation repair

There are moments you need to fix more things outside of your foundation repair. The circumstances are completely situational.

Much of what you need to fix depends on how bad your foundation settlement situation was before having a contractor fix your home.

Depending on the damage, you might have to deal with stucco cracks, drywall cracks, some flooring depending on if it was tile or anything else, and there are times doors might have to be readjusted. 

Dalinghaus Construction has dealt with previous homeowners who continuously readjusted and shaved down doors over the years as their foundation settled. When facing foundation settlement, doors and windows can become more difficult to open and close. A natural response is to want to make those things easier as conveniently as possible, especially for your grandma.

When you lift your home (assuming you decided to lift), the prior adjustments likely need to be re-readdressed.

For these cosmetic repairs, you can hire other contractors or DIY (do it yourself)

It depends on how handy you or someone you know is. Stucco can be pretty easy since all you have to do is recaulk and paint it over. There are also specialty kits for caulking you can purchase in stores or online. But if you’re not confident about how well you can do the job on your own, consider hiring someone to help you.

For the most part, a handyman will be able to fix most of the work needed versus having to hire a licensed contractor. 

Every situation after foundation repair is different for homeowners

The two most common issues we see after your foundation repair are cracks in stucco and drywall since that’s 90% of the reason why homeowners think they have an issue in the first place.

But again, every situation is different for every homeowner. The same goes for you, too.

It would be nice to say that the organic material in your home would close up and eliminate the cracks, but this isn’t always the case. Even if it looks closed up, there will likely be a hairline crack. It won’t be 100% eliminated.

And not all of your home is made of organic material, meaning it won’t naturally come back together.

For a better understanding of these signs and symptoms, check out The Ultimate Guide to Signs and Symptoms of a Home in Need of Foundation Repair.

Who you can hire if you’re not handy

You can look at handymen since they can do most repairs. Keep in mind handymen don’t need to be licensed and can only do $500 worth of work in the state of California. The amount might vary from state to state.

When it comes to contractors, painters can fix stucco damage for the most part

You can also reach out to a general contractor so you don’t have to mitigate between the different trades.

Sometimes your plumbing might be compromised and need a specialized contractor to look at it. This isn’t as common, but depending on the type of pipes you have, the settlement may have affected them. We recommend Plumbers since they specialize in that trade. 

While it’s incredibly rare for your electrical to have problems after foundation repair, it can happen. General contractors don’t have the proper licensing for electrical work. You’ll want to find a specialist.

Read Are There Contractors I Need To Hire After My Foundation Repair? For a better idea of contractors you may need to hire.

What you should monitor after your foundation repair

Theoretically, there shouldn’t be anything since a push pier or helical pier underpinning will have a lifetime warranty. Your house should never move again.

If there are cracks that were visible before your foundation repair, give the occasional glance to see if they open back up. And check for additional cracks that may have occurred during your foundation repair. Additional cosmetic damage is rare, but it can happen. 

When can the cosmetic repairs be done?

Most places will tell you to wait about a week to 30 days. It honestly depends on who you ask. If you want, you can do the fixes immediately, whether it’s your flooring, stucco, doorframes, window frames, etc. 

We generally tell people to wait for a length of time when it comes to drywall cracks. Additional adjusting can happen since the organic material is readjusting to be put back in place. Unfortunately, it isn’t common where it will come back together. 

Think about it: your home has been settling for years, sometimes decades. The settlement may have been going on since before your kid got his first Nintendo 64 (yes, that long). Foundation settlement isn’t something that will be apparent to you until you see the signs and symptoms. 

Your home settles over years, but a foundation repair company doing a lift will reconnect an area of your house within hours. It doesn’t typically fit all together like a puzzle piece. 

The bright side is for cosmetic damage, nothing NEEDS to addressing immediately. You won’t need to fix everything at once. You can take more time before deciding to fix those pesky cracks that didn’t go away. 

You can remodel after your foundation repair

If you already did a remodel before your foundation repair, we normally recommend you stabilize your home instead of lifting it. Lifting the house would put all the new dilly dads you put in out of whack. 

You can still choose to lift, but expect to call out a general contractor to fix everything afterward. 

If you haven’t remodeled before your foundation repair, you will be able to after without worrying about everything becoming damaged!

Read Lifting vs Stabilizing my Home for Foundation Repair (Pros and Cons) for you to make the most informed decision on your foundation repair before or after your remodel.

If you’re not unsure about there still being damage after your foundation repair, call the contractor you hired

When it comes to Dalinghaus Construction, we’re always willing to have someone come back out after your foundation repair. Your peace of mind is what matters. 

Cosmetic damage can happen during a lift. It’s not common, but it can happen, regardless of which company you go with.

Now you know what to do after your home is fixed. Learn what to expect from your foundation repair.

You’ve learned what you need to look for that needs repairs, that there are contractors or handymen you may need to hire (unless you can do it yourself), and that you can call your foundation repair contractor if you’re unsure about issues. While thinking there may be more to do after your foundation repair isn’t fun, it’s at least better than doing nothing about your foundation repair at all.

Your next step is to understand what to expect from your foundation repair process. Dalinghaus Construction can provide you with some starting articles to look at from here. You can also find more articles in the “Learning Hub” tab of our website. 

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Brian Dalinghaus

Brian is one of the Co-Founders of Dalinghaus Construction. He has been in the foundation repair industry since 2005. During his career, he has been associated with helping over 4,000 homes and structures throughout California and Arizona.

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