What Causes Leaning Chimneys?

What Causes Leaning Chimneys?

Have you ever seen a learning or tilting chimney? ? Have you ever wondered what may cause that to happen? It is easy for homeowners to overlook signs of wear and tear. We are here to tell you that  this is something that DEFINITELY shouldn’t be overlooked! 

So…Exactly What Causes Leaning Chimneys?

The bricks and stones used to construct chimneys are infamously heavy. It is common for chimneys to have their own footing (in addition to the foundation that supports your home) to support the extra weight. There are many things that can compromise a chimneys foundation, including:

  • Soil Erosion: Improper drainage can compromise soil conditions, and cause the erosion of the chimney foundation.
  • Cracked Or Crumbling Concrete: This can result over time from shifting and water damage.
  • Improper Sized Footing: Chimney may been constructed without a big enough foundation to support the weight.
  • Wear And Tear: Even if a chimney was installed properly, it can become unstable over time from natural settling of the home. This can be more common in older homes.

Leaning, buckling, and sagging chimneys can cause big problems, including: 

  • Cracks caused by chimney pulling away from home can allow bugs and vermin to enter your home (mice only need a ¼” gap to enter).
  • Rain and snow can seep in, causing water damage
  • Unstable bricks and stones caused by shifting can easily fall, causing property or bodily damage.

How Do I Fix My Leaning Chimney?

***This is not a Do It Yourself job!! I repeat, this is NOT a Do It Yourself job!*** We have seen many failed attempted patch jobs! This does not solve the underlying problem. Luckily we offer underpinning (Push Piers and Helical Piers) and polyurethane slab lifting solutions to get your chimney back in place! (Check out this chimney lift we did in Mission Viejo!)

Dalinghaus Construction offers zero cost, zero obligation inspections for homeowners, So before Santa brings your already compromised chimney crumbling down, give us a call, or book your appointment online today!

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