What impacts the cost of foundation repair?

One question that we are always asked when we perform a foundation inspection is “Can this be fixed?”  The answer is always a resounding “YES”, but at what cost.  

Like almost everything in life, things can be fixed.  From having bad credit to a hang nail, almost everything can be fixed, but the underlying question is “At what cost?”  And is the cost going to be worth the pain that is going to be endured, whether it be physical, financial, or emotional.  Foundation repair is no different.  Depending on the severity of your home’s need for repair, it will require a financial pain to have it fixed, the kicker is to know why the financial cost justifies the fix.  

One thing that you will want to do is confirm that the fix for your home is actually justified.  We have heard horror stories from customers that have told us that they were told that their entire home would be required to be repaired to prevent any movement in the future.  Repairing an entire home’s foundation will stop any future movement, but the cost versus the reward is not worth it in most cases.  Typically, if a house has a foundation issue, it is an isolated incident to a portion of the home.  The portion of the home that is need of repairs will typically always have a cause as to why the home is experiencing settlement.  Usually, this is a tree, or broken water pipe, or an undersized footing for the weight of that section of the home (fireplaces).  Whatever it may be, there is always a cause.  Now that cause is usually going to be isolated to that one area, unless you are on the side of a slope and the whole hillside is moving.  Then more than likely that cause would be effecting your entire home in some way, shape, or form.  

Besides the cause of the you home’s foundation settlement, you will need to have justification of the repairs.  Obviously the more settlement over a larger area will have a higher cost of repair, because more work is needing to be performed to correct the issue.  If you are not receiving floor elevation measurements to justify the repairs, you should always ask for them.  That way you know exactly why the repairs would be needed in the area and not the entirety of the home.  Knowing the WHY something is being recommended will eliminate a lot of the other confusion down the road or input from other people or companies.  

Another thing that can impact the cost of your foundation repair project is the scope of work that is required to correct it.  Repair costs can range from a few hundred dollars per foot of repair to upwards of a few thousand.  It all depends on a few factors to determine the best solution.  

Here are the 3 main factors:

1. Size of your home/building – Larger structures will require a heavier duty repair

2. Location of your home – If the structure is on a slope then it will require the need to take lateral loads into consideration and require additional steps to secure the home.

3. Lifting versus stabilizing – If you are only looking to stop the movement, you will be able to save a couple of thousand dollars by not incurring a cost to support the interior floor of the home after the lift is complete.  

Bottom line, make sure you understand how and why your home needs to have the repairs in certain locations as well as make sure that the company is able to justify the repairs as well.  Doing this will help to lessen the financial impact that you get from having to take on this non-glamourous problem.

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