Why Do I Have Cracks In My Slab If I Have No Foundation Issues?

Why Do I Have Cracks In My Slab If I Have No Foundation Issues?

I received a call from a homeowner that we did a foundation inspection for in Ladera Ranch, and our elevation readings found no settlement issues in her home. A month later, she was replacing her carpet and noticed large cracks throughout her living room.

She was concerned and asked… “Why Do I Have Cracks In My Slab If I Have No Foundation Issues? Why has my concrete cracked if my house isn’t settling? Shouldn’t the concrete be strong and not crack?

When concrete is still in its “plastic” state (before hardening), it’s full of water. When the water leaves the slab, it leaves behind large voids between the solid parts. The empty spaces make the concrete weaker and more prone to cracking.

Cracks can occur in situations where a void may have been created under your home.

For instance, maybe a large tree was removed because the roots were going under the house. After a while, the roots under the home will start to decay, leaving a void. 

A plumbing leak under the home can also cause a void and cause cracking. As well as heavy rains and poor drainage.

It turned out that in her case, it was a combination of both. She recently had a tree removed because they were concerned that with the heavy rains we were having, the tree would topple over.

“What are the “spider web” type cracks?”

Sometimes, when slabs are poured and the top of the concrete slab loses moisture too quickly, “Crazing” cracks will likely appear. Although it doesn’t look good, it’s not a structural issue.

“Can you stop the large cracks from getting worse?”

We can repair the crack with carbon fiber staples and epoxy. What we do is, we would saw cut a 12 inch line across the crack and drill two holes on each side, fill it with epoxy, insert the carbon fiber staple and cover it with the epoxy. We do this about every 18 inches. When it’s dry, it’s 10 times stronger than steel. It’s stronger than the concrete it’s holding together.

If you are concerned you may have settlement issues, fill out a Contact Form, and we will call you to schedule your Free Foundation Inspection.

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