Why is Winter A Great Time For A Foundation Inspection?

Why is Winter A Great Time For A Foundation Inspection?

Winter is just a few days away! And If you have suspected that your home might be experiencing foundation related issues, winter is a great time to have an expert out to complete a foundation inspection! As if you don’t have enough things to do this month, am I right? HA! Well…what’s more thing on you list!

So…….Why is winter a great time for a foundation inspection?

Excellent question! There are a couple reasons why,

  1.  Southern California is full of expansive clay soils. Expansive clay soil is prone to large volume changes. A wet winter/spring will make the soil expand. A hot, dry summer will make it contract. Our extremely hot and dry summer of 2019 means soil shrinkage. It’s best to inspect your foundation before the wet season changes soil conditions.
  2. Relating back to the last point, rain means lots of water intrusion phone calls for us! (I’m pretty sure our phone rang non stop the ENTIRE month of February last year). When you are coming out of the summer/fall seasons where the soil is very dry, initially the soil might not be very absorbent . When it rains, the water has to go somewhere, and if the ground isn’t absorbing it, and you don’t have proper drainage solutions in place, AND you already have a compromised foundation…you could experience further damage.

There are some tell tale signs that you may have foundation issues. Here are some things you can keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Sticking or hard to operate windows
  • Sticking or hard to operate doors
  • Cracks in door and window frames
  • Stair-step cracking
  • Leaning chimney

If you see any of these issues in you home, Dalinghaus offers a variety of solutions to help repair (Push Piers, Helical Piers, Helical Tiebacks, Polyurethane Slab Leveling, Polyurethane Deep Injection), and protect (Drainage Solutions, Waterproofing) your foundation. We also offer free, no obligation foundation inspections! So give yourself a little peace of mind this holiday season (you know your family won’t…😂), and give us a call today!

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