Chino HIlls foundation lift

Customer: Yvonne Avila
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus?

Mrs. Avila contacted Dalinghaus Construction to perform an inspection of her home. She had push piers installed by a competitor and she had begun seeing new signs of settling again. The contractor had installed nine push piers at her beautiful 3 bedroom Chino Hills home previously, yet that area of the home was once again settling.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Provide?

One of our knowledgeable Project Consultants performed an inspection and found that the home had in fact settled over an inch and a half. His repair plan consisted of installing 5 new push piers, excavating and lifting the 9 existing push piers, and inject polyurethane to fill the void that would be created when the home is lifted.

Upon excavation, our production crew found that the old push piers were not driven to load-bearing stratum and were therefore not supporting the foundation from the expansive soils below it. Our crew excavated each of the old push piers and prepared them for re-lifting. They then prepped the five new push pier locations and got to work installing the new hardware. Once the new push piers were in place the crew was able to drive them to the correct depths and lift the home.