At Dalinghaus Construction we offer a variety value engineered Deep Foundation Systems for General Contractors, Structural Engineers, and Geotechnical Engineers.  Our systems and products are a designed and approved method throughout California and Arizona.  We utilize a variety of sizes of helical piles in lue of other deep foundation systems.  

Being able to utilize helical piles instead of other deep pile systems such as Caissons and Grouted Piles, allow us to supply a tested system that causes minimal soil disturbance, utilizes smaller equipment for limited access areas, installation are usually completed in 1/3rd of the time, and ultimaltly will cost your customers and clients less.  Not only do these pile systems have a less upfront cost, but the time savings to complete the project ahead of schedule is invaluable to your customers who are relying on the project to be completed to start generating revenue.

deep foundation system installation using 8 inch helical piles

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