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Commercial Foundation Problems

Just like residential homes, Orange County commercial buildings can experience foundation problems. With our numerous years of experience, we have seen commercial buildings needing foundation repair for a variety of reasons. At Dalinghaus Construction, we have years of experience offering Orange County commercial foundation solutions.  

We have been called out to commercial buildings to look at structure movement caused by the following:

  • Water main breaks and washouts
  • New drains or water mains being installed under the structures
  • Forklift and excessive weight on floors
  • Massive voids (up to 3 feet!) under the structure's slab
  • Poor soil conditions

We have also been a part of many New Construction Projects, offering Orange County commercial foundation solutions, where our helical piles have been installed to support the structure. From movie sets to multi story hotels, we have been successful in supplying a solid foundation for all of them.  

Not only do we repair existing commercial foundations and install piles for new construction, we also are able to utilize our helical piles to shore existing structures, providing solutions to Orange County's commercial foundation problems. The helical piles can be designed to shore existing structures both vertically and laterally for easy over excavating. These piles can either be left in place once they are no longer needed or they can be pulled back out. Really the choice and preference of the GC, Owner, and Engineer of Record.


commercial foundation problems with tape measure

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