Concrete Removal & Replacement in Orange County, San Diego & Los Angeles Counties, CA

Cracked Concrete Patio in Southern California

There are certain conditions where utilizing our technologically advanced Polyurethane Lifting procedures are just not applicable. We always want to try to save the existing concrete, and we typically can, but here are some of the conditions that warrant removal and replacement.

These conditions include:

  1. Deep, widespread cracks appear. This typically happens where there has been a horizontal separation of the slab sections. We can re-level, but closing the “gap” is typically unlikely to happen.
  2. Concrete slabs that show signs of clay heave or tree root damage – Heave is very common in clay soils. When moisture comes into contact with the clay soils it will cause the clay soils to expand as they retain the water.
  3. Concrete slabs that have severe spalling or pitting on the surface – it is more economical to replace the concrete rather than lift all of the concrete pieces. The overall look would still show a driveway with numerous cracks.

Under any of the above conditions, it will be better to remove and replace the concrete or lift utilizing our polyurethane and resurface the existing concrete.

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