Fixing Cracks When Lifting A Home

Here is the Tip Of The Day from October 25th.

Before and After Lifting A Home

Brian discusses cracks in the home before and after lifts. Typically when you notice cracks appearing in your homes stucco or drywall, your first initial reaction is to fill those cracks, or mask them. However, when you are seeing cracking in the stucco and drywall, these are common signs of foundation settlement. When you fill those cracks or mask them, that is not necessarily fixing the underlying issue. If you have a home that has been flipped or remodeled, it is possible that you have cracks that have been repaired (but the real issue has only been masked). Dalinghaus Construction will come to your home and fix your foundation settlement issues. If you have visible cracks that have not been masked, those cracks for the most part will completely close up and then the walls or stucco can be repainted. If your home has cracks that have been filled or covered, it is likely that the material used to make those repairs will be compressed and the cracks that you have may not completely come together. This is not a huge issues, as we can help with that once the home has been lifted and stabilized. We have a specialized crew who can also come in and replace drywall and fix those cracks for good.

Choose Dalinghaus Construction In Southern California

So if you are looking for a reputable company to fix your homes cracking, give Dalinghaus a call and will be happy to set up and appointment for a free in home estimate. Dalinghaus Construction proudly services all of Southern California, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and all the places in between.