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Repairing Settling Duplex in Colton, CA

Repairing Settling Duplex in Colton, CA

Why did the customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

The owner of a Colton, CA duplex called the Dalinghaus Construction after their tenants began complaining about cracks showing up around window frames and what appeared to be some kind of trip hazard under the carpet. Having dealt with foundation issues before the duplex owner knew that these were telltale signs that the building’s foundation was likely settling. During the foundation inspection Phil Laney found a handful of other signs that the duplex was settling or sinking. Once he began taking floor elevation measurements it was evident to Phil that the building had settled at least 7 inches in some areas with the worst location being the southeastern most corner of the structure.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

While performing the foundation inspection, Phil made a scaled diagram of the duplex where he’d be able to accurately note the floor elevations measurements throughout the structure. After completing the drawing he had a topographic like map of the building’s foundation. With his map in hand Phil was able to design a repair plan that would attempt to lift the structure to maximum practical recovery while also transferring the weight of the structure away from the incompetent clay soils at the surface and to competent strata almost 30 feet beneath the soil’s surface.

In order to properly address the settling occurring at this duplex Phil designed a repair plan consisting of 19 push piers and 850 sq ft of polyurethane void fill injections. While lifting a structure almost 7 inches there’s usually a pretty massive void created between the concrete slab and the soils that used to support it. Concrete isn’t typically designed to span distances like that, especially with a load, so the polyurethane void fill injections will go directly under the slab to fill the voids while permeating and densifying the soils at the surface.

The team made quick work of the project and had a very successful lift! They even closed up the vast majority of the cracks visible on the interior drywall and exterior stucco.

Check out our crew performing the lift at this duplex!

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