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Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Ariane and Travis had been connected to us through Home Advisor. They were in need of a foundation inspection in their Diamond Bar home. They had noticed their slab foundation seemed to be sinking on one corner of the garage. They were also experiencing cracks, and separation in the walls of their home.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Our Project Consultant, Joe Harris, went out to their home for a full foundation inspection. Upon arrival, Joe mapped out the home and did Zip Level readings of the entire foundation. These readings showed us that one corner of the garage was 7.2 inches low! This project did require the help of both Geotechnical and Structural Engineers. For this project we teamed up with the Geotechnical Engineers over at Terradyne LAX, Inc., and the Structural Engineers over at Helfrich and Associates. Together the team came up with the repair plan that included placing 4 Push Piers on the sinking corner of the garage, with a plan to lift to Maximum Practical Recovery. Once home was lifted, we would inject a Polyurethane Void Fill along the sides where Piers were placed.

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The job was overseen by our Project Manager, Joe Delgado. He and his team took 4 days to complete the project, and were able to achieve 3.5 inches of lift in the worst area in the garage.

Project Information

CUSTOMER: Ariane and Travis
LOCATION: Diamond Bar, CA
  • Terradyne LAX, Inc.
  • Helfrich and Associates
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