Foundation Repair

Repairing San Clemente Home's Foundation

San Clemente Foundation Repair

Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Mrs Kelly contact Dalinghaus COnstruction after multiple cracks became visible throughout her beautiful three bedroom home in San Clemente. There weere multiple cracks visible in the drywall in four different areas of the home, including two bedrooms, the living room, and the kitchen

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

When Mrs. Kelly reached out to us an appointment was scheduled to hae one of our knowledgeable project specialists perform an inspection. During the inspection, our Project Specialist made multiple different measurements and calculations including a zero point, there was about 5.1 inches of settling to the north eastern corner of the home which was only approximately 30 feet from the front door. With typical engineering standards allowing for half of an inch of elevation change very 10 feet, this home was well outside of the standar. Our Project Specialist put together a CAD drawing of the home along with a repair plana nd proposal while at the inspection. The repair plan consisted of fifteen helical piers as Mrs. Kelly was looking to stabilize her home’s foundation rather than attempt to lift it to its original position. Installation of the helical piers will transfer the weight from directly below the foundation slab to the steel piers. Theis means that future soil settlement due to the expansive soils will no longer affect her home’s foundation. When Mrs. Kelly was ready to move forward with the project our crew was scheduled and the job was completed in three days.

Project Information

LOCATION: San Clemente, CA
foundation repair

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