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Repairing Uneven Floors At Settling Spring Valley Home

Repairing Uneven Floors At Settling Spring Valley Home

Why did customer contact Dalinghaus Construction?

Rachel had reached out to us on Yelp. She and her husband had purchased their home in Spring Valley 4 years prior, knowing that there was a missing beam in the crawlspace. They were experiencing signs of foundation issues with the home. As time went on, she observed cracks around her doors, windows, and at the top of her walls. She had challenges with one of the doors in her home, and was having issues being able to lock and unlock her door. The door had been replaced, professionally installed, and still not operating properly. She stated she could place an item on the floor of her home, and would roll toward the back of their house. They worried that the landscaping that they had added outside was creating extra moisture and exacerbating their issues. Rachel and her husband were also anticipating adding a second story to their home in the future, and wanted to make sure the foundation could support the additional weight.

What solutions did Dalinghaus Construction provide?

Project Consultant, Phil Laney performed the inspection at their home. With his Ziplevel altimeter, Phil performed an elevation survey of the home. The home backed up to a slope, and his readings revealed that one corner, on the slope side of the house, was down 1.1 inches. Initially Phil recommended that they place 2 piers on the affected area of home, and make an attempt to lift the corner. In conjunction, he recommended we place a total of 18 new wood posts and pads, to level the sinking floor.

Rachel and Anthony agreed that this wasn’t in their budget at the time, and they wanted to see if Phil could rework the proposal to help remedy their most pressing issues. Phil gave them a new proposal, with a recommendation of doing only the 18 new wood posts and pads. This would help even out and support the floors, and stay within their budget. Phil also included a Military Discount in the proposal for them, as Dalinghaus offers this discount year round as a small thank you to the men and women who serve our country. Rachel and Anthony agreed the new proposal would be the best fit for them, and opted to move forward with the work.

Our crew was able to complete the install of the 18 new wood posts and pads in just 2 days. The crew graded, compacted, and leveled the areas where the posts and pads were to be placed. Then proceeded to install the 18 precast 8” x 8” concrete pier pads, and 18 treated 4″ x 4″ wood posts. This supported and leveled the floor, leaving Rachel and Anthony much more comfortable in their home!

Project Information

CUSTOMER: Rachel and Anthony V.
LOCATION: Spring Valley, CA
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