Job completed for Gary Petty

Completion date: May 17, 2016

Location: Laguna Hills, CA

Why did the customer contact us?

The home was suffering from serious foundation issues, including cracking in the interior and exterior walls of the home, separation of the walls and doors and windows not opening or closing properly.

Solutions provided:

The crew began the project by excavating the holes around the property.  These would be the locations in which the piers are place for stabilization and lifting of the property.  The holes were dug out and the pier brackets were attached to the foundation footing, pipes were driven into the ground to depths of between 11′ and 25′.  Once the home was lifted and stabilized with the piers, polyurethane was injected beneath the foundation slab to add further stabilization and to fill any voids that formed during the lift.  The home is now lifted and stabilized, and the cracks that were once opened are now closed.  The doors and windows are no longer hard to open and close.

Photos & Videos: