Recently, Helical Pile World put a case study of ours in their newsletter. We had a homeowner in Fullerton, CA give us a call about wall and ceiling cracks in a specific area of their home as well as gaps in their interior walls. One wall had settled so much you could see from one room into the next through the gap it made! They had tried their best to patch up the cracks but they just kept coming back. They knew this must be more than just random cracks, so they gave us a call. After their free foundation inspection, we found that the corner of their home was on a slope and had begun to sink and settle in the direction of the slope. We measured that the slab foundation corner nearest to the slope had a decreased elevation of 2.3 inches.

Ultimately, the homeowners decided on a more permanent solution; our underpinning services. We used 10 helical piers and 2 helical anchors to fix this Fullerton, CA home. They even had a fireplace that needed two of its own piers. Using these products from Earth Contact Products, we were able to give maximum practical recovery as well as prevent any further damage to the home’s foundation. This solution gives them a permanent solution to their sinking problems so they no longer have to worry about cracks, gaps, or sinking foundation. You can read more about our case study here.