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Foundation Inspections In Real Estate Transactions

Everyday there are thousands of real estate transactions that take place throughout Southern California.  From first time home buyers to property investors.  There are litterally thousands of houses being bought and sold.  One of the most gut wrenching stories that we get is from first time home buyers buying their home that they are going to be starting a family in and after a month after they have moved in they start to notice drywall and stucco cracking and doors and windows not opening properly.  These owners call and make an appointment and when we conduct an inspection they are left with the hard reality that their home is going to need to have a foundation repair performed to stop this from occurring.  

Our goal as a company is to not have this story come to us.  We highly recommend having a foundation inspection on a home prior to the close of escrow.  This gives everyone reassurance that the home they are buying is in good health.  Just like home inspections are conducted for the home during the buying process, we recommend the same for the home's foundation.  We perform hundreds of foundation inspections for real estate transactions every year.  Not just for new home buyers, but we do a lot of inspections for real estate investors as well.  

Next time you are buying or selling a home, give us a call to inspect the home.  It can save you a lot of time and money down the road as well as providing you with a peace of mind that you are buying a great home for a great price.

two men during real estate foundation inspection
phil performing foundation inspection

Signs and Symptoms

We inspect thousands of foundations each year, and we’ve become quite familiar with the signs and symptoms associated with a foundation that needs repair. These are some of the most common signs that we see in Southern California.

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  • Damaged Doors & Windows
    Sticking or hard to open/close doors and windows can be a sign that the frame has become out of square.
  • Tilting Chimneys or Fireplaces
    A leaning or tilted chimney tends to be a more noticeable foundation issue. It is also a very dangerous problem when your chimney tilts or leans, it can either fall in on your home, or the mortar can come loose and fall.
  • Uneven Floors or Cracks
    Cracks in your concrete floor slab can be a sign of foundation settlement. However, it may also be that the slab floor alone has settled. There are times when your slab floor may sink independently of the foundation walls, damaging the floors but not necessarily the walls.
  • Drywall Cracks
    Cracks in drywall throughout the house are one of the most common signs of foundation problems. Typical drywall cracks will appear around door frames and windows, in the ceiling, in corners, and along the wall. Drywall tape can be a good indicator, especially if it’s ripping or coming loose. Drywall cracks can also be a sign of sinking crawl space supports, sinking floors, or heaving floors.

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