Signs and Symptoms of a Settled Foundation

Are you sick and tired of cracked drywall, sloped floors, and doors that are difficult to open or close? It’s time to reclaim your home.

If you’re not quite sure if your foundation is suffering from foundation settlement, check out the signs and symptoms of foundation damage below.

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Do you have the most telling signs and symptoms of foundation settlement?

We’ve compiled the most crucial foundation damage signs and symptoms to look out for if you believe your foundation might be settling or otherwise compromised. These signs and symptoms are ordered from the most urgent to the least severe.

Cracked Foundation Slab
Cracked Foundation / Slab

Slab cracks hiding under carpet or splitting seams in tile grout can mean something big is happening in the soils beneath a slab.

Sloping Floors
Sloping Floors

Tired of feeling that slope in your living room? Can a marble roll on your hardwood floors?

Wall Cracks
Hard to Open/Close Windows

Sticking or hard to open/close doors and windows can be a sign that the frame has become out of square (almost always a sign of foundation damage).

Drywall Cracks
Drywall Cracks

Drywall cracks happen, but there are certain cracks to look out for!

Leaning Chimney
Leaning Chimney

Santa’s not always at fault for the chimney leaning and pulling away from a home.

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