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Real Estate Consulting

With all of the real estate trasactions that happen everyday, we know that inspecting a home's foundation is typically either forgotten about or very low on the list.  But, having a home's foundation inspected prior to the close of escrow can save the buyer of the home a lot of headaches and repair costs down the road.

We have been involved in many real estate foundation inspections and provide the buyer, the seller, and the agents involved in the transaction a peace of mind knowing they have a home that is in good health, when it comes to the home's foundation.  

Having come from the buying and selling of homes with foundation problems, we understand the importance of having the proper repairs completed as well as having all of the proper documents needed to make both the buyer and seller feel comfortable about the transaction.  We have personally bought and sold over 30 homes that had foundation problems.  We fixed them with the same techniques that we pass on to our clients today.  These repairs offer transferrable warranties and satisfy and lift any lending restrictions that may have previously been on the home.

Our fees to perform these inspections start at $750 that can then be applied as a credit if there is work that is needed to be performed on the home.  The fee is to cover our time to inspect and generate a report as well as any travel expenses.  The fee may change depending on how quickly the inspection is needed.

brad joe and mark giving presentation to coldwell banker real estate group