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We all love our endless views that we get from our home that is nestled on the Arizona hillside. Even small stepped communities can supply these views. But, with these views can come some potential problems, if the soil and the home or structure were not properly designed.

We have dealt with numerous homes that have been in the position of having their slope not be properly designed or built. These slopes begin to slowly bend to the forces of gravity and will start to move down the hill. If there is not a properly designed retaining wall system or a tieback system on the wall or the home, then the soil’s force on the wall will cause it to follow the direction of the base of the slope.

Our Phoenix pier and beam foundations, push and helical piers, and wall and tieback systems are all ways in which we can slow down or halt slope movement. It ultimately depends on how much movement has occurred prior to us inspecting the area. If the slope has an existing retaining wall system we are typically able to install tiebacks through the wall and anchor into the dense, solid, native soils behind the loose fill soils. If the wall has been compromised too much, we would then need to install a new retaining wall with tiebacks to combat the lateral soil loads that are present. If your home is experiencing movement as well, we can install the same tiebacks onto your home’s foundation and anchor your home into the native soils to prevent it from continued lateral movement.

Addressing your slope movement sooner, rather than later is key to limiting the costs of repairs. A new retaining wall system is far and away more costly than installing a tieback anchor system to an existing wall. And, if the slope movement is found early enough it won’t have impacted your home and cause additional repair costs to lift, level, and anchor your home. Our Phoenix pier and beam foundations, push and helical piers, and wall systems can vary in effectiveness and cost. Always get a professional inspection as soon as signs of slope movement appear.

Saving Hillside Condominiums From Settling & Lateral Movement

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