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The gated community of Hidden Hills, CA, is a nice place to live at. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect, especially when it’s susceptible to foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues. The soil conditions and their movement cause the structures on your property to be susceptible to these types of issues. They affect the stability, longevity, and value of your property.

Plus, it compromises your peace of mind.

But you can prevent these damages from becoming worse and keep your peace of mind when you have reliable foundation repair contractors like Dalinghaus Construction. Since 2015, we’ve serviced over 2,300 properties, completing foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall repairs. We have provided quality repair solutions that permanently fix these issues. Our team of experts will finish your repair with precision and attention to detail you can rely on.

Signs of foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues in Hidden Hills, CA

If you’re finding more than one of these signs of foundation issues, you’ll want to contact a licensed and well-reviewed foundation repair contractor. One sign is likely a separate cosmetic issue isolated from your foundation.

You’ll know you have issues in your crawlspace when you feel your floor sag. You can probably hear squeaking, too. This is because you’re either dealing with the posts and pads not properly holding up your floor or the wood such as girder beams are deteriorating.

You’ll know your retaining wall is failing when you see it bow, buckle, lean, or crack. This is mainly due to moisture building up behind your retaining wall and building up hydrostatic pressure.

The soil conditions in Hidden Hills, CA, expand and shrink depending on the amount of moisture present. Expansive soil expands when it absorbs moisture. Though Southern California is known for being dryer, meaning the expansive soil shrinks. This results in an area of your residential or commercial building slowly sinking into the ground, referred to as foundation settlement.

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, make sure you contact a foundation repair contractor to come to inspect your property. That way they can figure out the exact issue you’re dealing with and come up with a permanent solution.

The foundation repair process in Hidden Hills, CA

You’ll start your process with one of our Project Design Specialists for a FREE 60-90 minute foundation inspection around your property. They look for signs of foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall issues. They create a scaled drawing of your property as they go around, adding in floor elevation elements to find the areas affected by issues. That way they can come up with an affection foundation repair solution.

Note – Real estate foundation inspections do have a cost of $1,000, which is credited toward your repair.

Next, you will receive a recommended repair plan the day of or after your initial foundation inspection. This includes a full report on what was found, a CAD drawing of your property, and the recommended repair plan.

If you decide to sign and move forward with your repairs, your project will be scheduled. A production team will be out to repair your foundation, crawlspace, and/or retaining wall.

Foundation and crawlspace repair methods used in Hidden Hills, CA

A settling foundation for a residential or commercial building needs to find some sort of stability. Dalinghaus system does this effectively using galvanized steel Push pier and Helical pier systems. They’re used for foundation stabilization and foundation leveling – lifting the area affected by foundation settlement and making it as close to level as possible. The main difference lies in their design and the weight of your building.

Push piers are galvanized steel tubes driven into the soil using the weight of your building. They’re driven in until reaching competent soil or bedrock.

Helical piers are used when you’re building is too light for Push piers to be effective. They have helices at the base that allow them to be driven into the ground like a screw. They’ll be attached to the brackets bolted to your concrete footing after they reach the recommended torque.

You’ll need to fill voids and densify the soil when you deal with soil erosion or lift your building with a slab-on-grade foundation. Deep injection with Polyurethane will provide the extra stability your building needs. And it’s quite effective, especially when polyurethane rapidly expands, cures in 15 minutes, doesn’t shrink when it dries, is lightweight, is as hard as concrete when under enough pressure, and is environmentally safe.

As for Crawlspace repair, you’ll have one of our production teams go in to replace deteriorated wood that supports your floors and/or install crawlspace jacks in place of posts and pads. Crawlspace repair gets rid of the hazard that is a saggy floor.

Retaining wall repair methods in Hidden Hills, CA

As mentioned earlier, moisture building up behind your retaining wall is the top cause of failure. Weep holes will be retrofitted into your wall, allowing water to escape and relieving hydrostatic pressure.

To stabilize your wall, Helical tiebacks can be driven into the soil through your retaining wall. They’re similar to helical piers, except they’re used when soil moves laterally. Holes will be put into your retaining wall that allows the tiebacks to be driven into the soil until reaching the recommended torque. They’re then anchored to your retaining wall to provide extra support and maintain stabilization.

Reasons for foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall repair in Hidden Hills, CA


You can’t hide damages when you have foundation issues. You’ll notice cosmetic problems when you can see things like drywall, ceiling, and stucco cracks. You can go through with foundation repair to take care of those damages on a more permanent basis


Damages tend to be only cosmetic the majority of the time. There have been times the issues have been significant enough to cause structural damage. You don’t want this when it puts your property at risk of being red-tagged.


Damages caused by foundation issues tend to get worse over time. There is a small chance the problems won’t continue, but they certainly won’t fix themselves. You need outside help to fix your foundation issues permanently.


Feeling your floors slope and having your doors and windows feel as though they’re sticky when you open and close them affect your day-to-day. They may be minor inconveniences, but they become more prominent when foundation issues get worse.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Crawlspace issues cause your floor to become a hazard, whether it’s due to tripping or collapsing. Have your crawlspace repair done to get rid of that hazard and have your floor flat again.


A failing retaining wall doesn’t hold back lateral moving soil, causing damages to your residential or commercial building and sometimes exacerbating foundation issues. Keep the soil where it’s at by getting the retaining wall repaired.


All of these issues need to be legally disclosed when you put your residential or commercial property on the market. Banks are less willing to give loans to buyers for these properties, especially when it comes to foundation issues. You’ll lose about 30% of the full value when you’re limited to Cash Buyers.


Foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall repair should be taken care of for the longevity, value, and stability of your property. Make sure your top investment in life is protected.

Next up – scheduling a foundation inspection for your Hidden Hills, CA, property

Make sure you can take care of those issues to make these damages a thing of the past. Foundation, crawlspace, and retaining wall repair protect your home and provide you peace of mind.

Dalinghaus Construction is here to help you with these issues. We can schedule you with one of our Project Design Specialists. That way we can figure out the problem and figure out a repair that best fits your needs.

You can go online or call Dalinghaus Construction at (877)360-9277 to schedule a foundation inspection today.

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening to your home’s foundation

We offer free, no-obligation foundation inspections to homeowners.

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