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Foundation Repair In The City of Seal Beach

Ever since its early beginnings in the 1860s, the area now referred to as Seal Beach has a history directly affected by its soft clay soils. In those days Old Town Seal Beach was referred to as Anaheim Landing, allowing farmers to ship the wine they were growing. These farmers had to cross 10ish miles of soft soils with their product, which was a struggle, leading them to push for railroad transport in Anaheim. Once the railroad was established the area of Anaheim Landing stopped seeing the growth it had experienced. Unforuntately, much of Seal Beach is made up of these same clay and silty loam clay surface soils. These soils can wreak havoc on structures that are built on them, especially with Southern California’s drought-ridden climate. Expansive clay soils will expand in the presence of moisture and shrink as it dries out, and over time this cycle will lead to instabilities and voids being created in the soils. When this happens in a home it will all the home’s foundation to settle, causing all sorts of problems inside the home. Over the years we’ve become pretty familiar with the common signs and symptoms of a settling foundation, and if you’re a homeowner this is what you should be looking out for:

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