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Foundation Repair In Solana Beach, CA

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The 12,000+ residents of Solana Beach enjoy quick access to the Pacific Coast. Along with beautiful beaches, Solana Beach offers many trails, natural tide pools, and plenty of things to do. It has truly earned its name, which translates as ‘Sunny Spot.’

Like most areas in San Diago County, the local homeowners must contend with less than favorable soil conditions. The sandy/silty clay can be problematic, especially where the foundation is concerned. It can lead to sinking, bowing, and cracking walls, and even foundation failure.

Dalinghaus Construction can help you with even the most serious foundation problems. Contact us today if you see any signs of foundation problems or for your free, no obligation, foundation repair inspection and estimate.

Common signs of foundation problems in Solana Beach, CA

Some foundation problems tend to hide until the issue is advanced. Others may show fairly early. In either case, however, there are likely to be telltale signs that foundation problems are occurring. Be on the lookout for the following common signs of foundation problems.

When your floors are uneven, it may make you have a sensation like vertigo when you walk across the room. Separation may also show between the wall and floor as it progresses.

When the foundation settles, it can put stress on the frame of the home and lead to cracks. This is common, as all houses settle but when you have foundation problems, the cracks can grow larger.

As things settle and shift when the foundation is having problems, gaps may begin to appear where the wall meets the ceiling and floor.

You may notice that the windows and doors are sticking when you open or close them. This happens because the frames are shifting because of the pressure the sinking foundation is putting on them.

The chimney is one of the first parts of the home that experiences problems due to foundation problems. The heavy chimney can put pressure on the foundation, which is generally not well supported in that area.

You may have similar problems with the retaining wall that you have with foundations. This includes hydrostatic pressure, which can cause the wall to bow and crack.

Cracks are a normal part of the house settling but when your foundation is sinking, the cracks can be larger and continue to grow.

What Does the Foundation Repair Process Look Like?

The exact process needed for foundation repair will be determined during the foundation inspection. It will likely include the use of either push piers or helical piers to provide a stable footing for the foundation. Other options may include deep soil injections with polyurethane injections and foundation crack repair.

Common Methods for Foundation Repair

Some of the most common methods for foundation repair include underpinning, crack repair, foundation leveling, and crawlspace repair. We have more details on each of these options below. These options may be used for any foundation repair job and additional methods may be considered, depending on the scope of the project.

Foundation Repair Services in Solana Beach, CA

We have been helping our neighbors in Solana Beach for years with foundation problems. From small issues to large foundation replacements, we will do what is needed to keep your home on solid ground.

This is typically done on almost any foundation repair project when the foundation is sinking. It involves sinking piers into the ground until they reach stable soil or bedrock. They can then be attached to the foundation to support it.

We use carbon-fiber staples to keep the crack from expanding. After cleaning the gap, we inject epoxy into it to fill it permanently.

This is the process that raises the foundation after it sinks. We can use underpinning, polyurethane foam injections, or replace the pads and piers. A foundation may not be raised to its former height but it is moved to an acceptable level.

When you are having crawlspace problems, they can be fixed with a number of different methods, depending on the circumstances. These include stem wall repair, seismic retrofitting, and post/pad replacement.

When the damage to the foundation is significant, it may be necessary to consider a foundation replacement. Dalinghaus Construction can handle either a partial or full foundation replacement.

There is no specific depth for a deep foundation system. It could be a basement foundation or piers driven deep into the ground. Deep foundation systems are deep enough to support the structure effectively.

Although most of our work involves residential work, we can also offer the same foundation repair services to our commercial customers as well.

Free Foundation Repair Inspection and Estimate in Solana Beach, CA

There is no need to wonder if you are having problems with your foundation. Dalinghaus Construction offers a free foundation repair inspection and estimate. All you have to do is request it using the form on our website.

Our foundation inspections are thorough and we look closely to see why you are having issues. We can then let you know what is wrong and what can be done to fix it.

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