Foundation Repair & Construction Services in Moorpark


Part of Ventura County, Moorpark is a large city near Los Angeles. Much like Los Angeles, the climate is warm throughout the year with enough precipitation to avoid being an arid area. Moorpark also gets just enough rain to go through a cycle of swelling and shrinking.

When the soil soaks up rain and moisture it expands, putting pressure on foundation walls. If the pressure becomes too much, it may cause your foundation walls to move, settle, or crack. When the soil dries out it will shrink and compact, leaving behind voids under and around your foundation. Weak foundation walls may begin to fall and sink into these voids without support from the soil.

Foundation Solutions for Moorpark

If your home or business is experiencing foundation issues, Dalinghaus Construction can help! Keep an eye out for ceiling cracks, sloping floors, bowing walls, leaning chimney, and sticking doors and windows; these could be signs of foundation issues. From there we can do a FREE in-home inspection and detailed estimate. We can help you decide which foundation repair options will be best for you. It will depend on your specific situation, whether it be bowing retaining walls, sinking and settling, or moving and shifting, or a variety of other issues.

We will use our expertise, knowledge, and skill to give your home or business the repairs it needs. You won’t have to worry about your foundation issue anymore since we use a variety of high quality foundation repair products. We also offer waterproofing, retrofitting, and new construction services. If you are interested, make sure to give us a call. We service all of Southern California including San Diego County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and more! We’d be happy to help fix up your home or business to make it like new.