Foundation Repair & Construction Services in Ridgecrest

crack repair and foundation repair in Ridgecrest, CA

Dalinghaus Construction is dedicated to making the residential and commercial properties of Ridgecrest safe and stable. We provide a wide variety of foundation repair and construction services to our customers. Dalinghaus Construction takes pride in our determination to complete a project quickly and efficiently. We offer a large portfolio that includes the ability to deliver a full and comprehensive project fix, be it a teardown, a foundation stabilization or repair, a total or partial home remodel or simply adding the finishing touches to your kitchen or bath.

Services Offered in Ridgecrest, CA

If you notice signs like cracked foundation walls, water in your basement, or a sinking concrete slab, Dalinghaus Construction has the solution for your commercial or residential property. Some of our services include:

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Dalinghaus Construction is proud of our work and have people all over the area with total and partial home remodels, foundation stabilization, waterproofing, and more. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you in Ridgecrest, CA.