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The safe condition of your home or business in San Diego is important to everyone at Dalinghaus Construction. We offer a variety of services to keep your building stable, secure, and comfortable.

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We treat every job like it is our own family’s property and look forward to working with you on all of your structural repair needs in San Diego. Contact us today to learn more about all we can do for your home or business. You can call us or use the online contact form.

This is a great company. I have a 1950's house with a basement. Yup. Axle, the Project Manager, Eddie & Dustin put in extra steel crawl space jacks, some cripple wall bracings, foundation plates, and installed two French drains on the sides of the house to the backyard. Last big rain, all the water that dripped from the gutters or came from other houses (cement yards, no dirt) drained to the basement. The drains will fix that. The support pillars are steel and added extra support (current ones are wood). The cripple wall bracings and foundation plates will help stabilize in case of an earthquake. This is San Diego, after all. Doing all that work, it took only 2 days! They were very efficient, polite, and worked very hard. They cleaned up when done, and kept the work area neat. There is no way I would have imagined putting in the French drains without at least a small 'Cat' but in one day it was completed with no problem. I now will not worry that the old supports are wood and aged or the basement will flood. Kudos to three very awesome workers!

Cathy J. San Diego, CA Yelp - Foundation Repair September 9, 2017