Job completed for Stephanie Shannon

Completion date: May 11, 2016

Location: Ventura, CA

Why did the customer contact us?

The home had visible signs of exsisting structural distress.  An inspection of the property indicated settlement in the left portion of the home, livingroom and bedroom areas, ranging between 1″-1 1/2″.  This type of settlement is typically due to poor drainage, ersion, or poor soil conditions.  For cases of this type of settlement it is recommended to install a pier system to stabilize and reinforce the structure.

Solutions provided:

Our crew began the project by excavating dirt from the indicated pier areas.  They then mounted brackets and installed piers in each of the pier locations.  Once the installation was completed the load was transfered at each pier site.  This lifted and stabilized the home from any future foundation settlement.  Once this process was complete the holes were back filled and tampered and additional dirt was added and tampered, then grated to complete the project.

Photos & Videos: