sticking doors and windows in California

Sticking doors and windows can be an ongoing annoyance when it comes to your home.  The reason that your doors and/or windows may be sticking is typically caused by movement within the window or door framing.  This movement can be caused by numerous things. 

Weather Can Cause Sticking Doors

If you live in an area of the country that has drastic weather changes and experiences rainy and dry seasons you could see your doors and windows sticking when there has been excessive rain or moisture in the air.  The reason this occurs is that your doors, windows, and/or framing surrounding them are made up of organic materials that react to moisture content. 

When there is a lot of moisture present, the material swells and expands.  When it is dry out, the same area will shrink. 

In Southern California, we really don’t have the drastic weather changes as much as other parts of the country.  Most of the time the sticking doors and windows are caused by movement from your home’s slab and/or foundation.  Even the slightest movement can have an effect on how well your doors and windows close.

Dalinghaus Construction Can Help With Sticking Windows

Before you go and shave your doors down, give Dalinghaus Construction a call to evaluate your home and determine exactly the reasoning for those pesky doors and windows.