Dimitri, Eddie and Lance worked so very hard on making repairs to our 100+ year old river rock foundation. As this was a new experience for us they were extremely accommodating regarding answering all our questions and addressing all our concerns, to ensure that we were comfortable with what was being done particularly for changes made from the original architect plans. Because the access to get under the house was thru a trap door on our service porch they took the necessary precautions to minimize the dirt that was coming up through the door. Also cleaning up outside on the drive way.

Ishmael, Tony and Josh who took down the forms to the 3 very large concrete footings and got us ready for our final city inspection also followed in the foot steps of the original crew.

We can’t thank these 6 men enough for all of their tremendous hard work to ensure our foundation is something we should never have to worry about again. Our home is safe again!

Linda Woods, Gig and Jack Hilburn

Gig and Jack Hilburn Linda Woods November 13, 2018