I had my home inspected by a home insurance company. The inspector noted in his report that my home had a cracked and/or sinking foundation. I received inspections from three companies along with a diagnosis of my issue and a price quote. Dalinghaus took time to explain the issue and give me literature on their method to fix my issue. Dalinghaus were price quote was very reasonable. The Dalinghaus crew that arrived at my home and we’re set up to work at the appointment time that was agreed upon. The crew came across some issues while fixing my issue and displayed the ability to quickly troubleshoot and fix my issue. The job took a few hours longer to complete than estimated but that was because of my home which was built in 1953. After all was said and done, I was very appreciative of the professionalism that I received and would recommend them to anyone that has foundation issues.

hdrumheller45 Anaheim, CA Houzz - Home Inspection August 18, 2017