The floor coating process is so simple, and we are in and out in just ONE day. Here are the steps to a beautiful floor that adds value to your home and upgrades any concrete flooring:

Step 1: Inspection

Our crew will come in and take measurements and inspect the flooring area so we are prepared for your specific situation.


Step 2: Prep Work

The crew will grind the surface of the concrete with stand-behind grinders and hand grinders. The goal is to have a perfectly smooth surface to work with.


Fill cracks in concrete floors prior to floor coating with mender

Step 3: Mender

We use a product called Mender to fill in cracks and chips for a perfectly smooth surface. This allows us to start with blemish free surface.


Step 4: Grind Again

The mender product will be spread evenly and then ground down till totally smooth. It’s important to make sure we have a smooth surface prior to the next step.


Step 5: Roll-on Basecoat

The polyurea basecoat comes in two colors: Grey and Tan. Think of this similar to a primer. After it is added then we wait about 15 minutes.


Step 6: Flake

This is where the beauty comes in. Choose from numerous colors that fit your style. During this step our team throws the flake evenly on the surface. Then we wait 10 minutes.


Step 7: Scrape

The flake can leave sharp edges and bumps, we use a metal tool to scrape the floor to make sure there are no sharp or jagged areas on the surface.


Step 8: Vacuum

We are a clean group! It’s important to clean up the scrapings to ensure the surface is ready for the top coat. Think of it as Prep 2.0.


Step 9: Top Coat

The top coat is what is UV protected and because of this wonderful top coat we can offer a 15-year warranty. It will protect your floor for a long, long time.


Step 10: Squeegee

After a short wait we squeegee the top coat so it is even and looks smooth and perfect. Check out the cool shoes we wear when we do the squeegee step. Jealous?


That is it! In 12 hours you can walk on the surface and after 12 hours you can move your stuff back into the space and park your car / drive on the surface. That’s pretty incredible!