Justin was able to recently interview Brandon Walter from our foundation repair product manufacturer, ECP. There is quite a bit of terminology related to the technical side of foundation repair that we toss around in our Tip of the Day videos. We were able to ask Brandon about some of these terms.

What is a Kip?

Per Meriam Webster Dictionary, a kip is a unit of weight equal to 1000 pounds (454 kilograms) used to express deadweight load. So 20 kips equals 20,000 pounds.

What is K Factor?

K Factor is how the torque correlates to the ultimate capacity of the pile.

What is Ultimate Torsional Strength?

This is the max torque for the pile for the type of shaft in use.

What is Ultimate Capacity?

Take all of the other terminology above and combine them and that gives you the ultimate capacity of the pile. (Brandon gives us an example in the video!)

Seems like a lot of technical information, but it is extremely important information, because this is how we figure out how many piers or piles we need to install and what specific product needs to installed for your specific foundation problem. To learn more stay tuned for more Tips of the Day or call us to find out what is needed to fix your foundation repair problem!