Utility Anchoring in Los Angeles, San Diego & Orange County

Helical anchors and piles are so dynamically versatile when it comes to ways to utilize their high load capacities and quick installation times.

One of the biggest industries that have capitalized on the use of Helical Piles involves cities that utilize them as a deep foundation for light poles. The helical is screwed into the soil and once the required depth and loads have been met, a top cap base attaches to the Helical and the light pole is installed right after. No need to sit and wait for concrete to cure or even having to excavate and remove a large enough hole to accommodate the load requirements.

Solar Panel with Helical Anchoring

helical piles can be used to shore up solar panels in California

The Solar Industry is quickly finding out that you can install helical piles to required depths and loads for their solar panels foundation. Dalinghaus Construction has worked on both of these projects and will gladly work with you and your team to design the best, most cost-effective, and quickest foundation system for your project. For a free quote, contact us or complete our contact form on the right side of our website to get your project started.