Plumbing Services in Orange County, San Diego & Los Angeles County, CA

Remodeling your home is an exciting time as there are plenty of design and layout options to choose from. Aside from giving your bathroom or the kitchen a new look, you also need to pay attention to the plumbing.

Plumbing Services in Orange, San Diego & Los Angeles County, CA Plumbing Services in Orange, San Diego & Los Angeles County, CA

During the remodeling process, you can improve your plumbing by adding new fixtures for your kitchen or brand-new design choices that will match your bathroom. However; things can quickly turn sour when you start to have problems installing or fitting that new kitchen sink. This is when having a professional plumber comes in handy.

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Avoid Plumbing Disasters

When you remodel your kitchen or bathroom, it usually means that a major overhaul has to be done. You have to make sure that the water is turned off, cabinets have been dismantled, and appliances are put away properly.

Plumbing Services in Orange, San Diego & Los Angeles County, CA

You’re essentially cutting off access to the two most important rooms in your home. Would you welcome somebody who would take your entire kitchen or bathroom apart, only to take weeks putting it back together? Unfortunately, these things tend to happen — especially when your contractor gets a much higher-paying job.

Here at Dalinghaus Construction, we have a flat rate for all our customers and we pay each technician per hour. This system ensures that technicians will NOT be distracted with a new project. The setup also protects your home from any rushed jobs.

Choose Dalinghaus Construction

It’s important to choose a plumber who is aware of the safety codes in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, California so that they can work properly with the building officials. Choosing the right plumber will also guarantee that your project will be completed properly and efficiently. With our experience in home remodeling services, we’re familiar with all the permits you’ll need. So call us now at 951-379-3431 so we can get started.

Aside from turning in plumbing work that is up to code, we can also find the parts and perfect fixtures for your plumbing needs. If you need work on your drain, sewer repairs, or electricity, we can do that while coordinating with your interior designer to make sure that you’re perfectly happy with your plumbing and remodeling project. If you're in need of any of our other services, we also handle foundation settlementconcrete lifting, and the repair of your bowing walls. So, if you have any questions or concerns, do contact Dalinghaus Construction today.

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