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Sticking Windows Foundation Repair

Having a window(s) or door(s) in your home that is a pain to open and close or doesn’t open or close at all, is a very good sign that your home is experiencing some sort of movement.  Whether it be from the framing expanding and contracting framing or from a more significant cause such as your home’s foundation moving, doors and windows not working properly is a headache.  But, before you go and shave the door down to get it to close, we recommend a few in-home tests along with getting a foundation inspection.

  1. Put a level on the upper framing of the door or window.  This should be level.  If it is reading out of level then you are experiencing some sort of movement that is being transferred the window or door framing.
  2. Are you experiencing a higher-than-usual amount of rain or moisture?  Moisture in the air can cause the wood framing of the home to expand.  This expansion will make the openings for the windows and doors to become smaller in size and thus add additional resistance to the opening and closing properly.
  3. Do you feel any sloping of your floors?  If your floor has moved then more than likely the framing of your home in that area has followed.  Whether it has moved up or down, it can directly impact the framing of these openings and cause the openings to become misaligned and not allow the windows or doors to open and close.  This one is a little harder to diagnose and would be something that a foundation repair specialist would be able to identify for you.

If you are unsure of your self-diagnosis or if you don’t have the proper tools to diagnose the problem effectively, we recommend scheduling a free foundation inspection to help you in the process.

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