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Orange County Foundation Repair

Orange County Foundation Repair
Foundation Repairs In Huntington Beach
Foundation Repairs In Huntington Beach

Have You Noticed Any of the Following Signs of Foundation Failure in Your Orange County or Arizona home?

Because we inspect thousands of foundations every year, we know the signs of a foundation needing repair. The most common symptoms a foundation needs to be repaired include the following:

Problems opening and closing windows and doors

Doors and windows that stick or are hard to open and close can be a sign the frame has become out of square.

Drywall cracks

Cracks in drywall throughout the house are one of the most common signs of foundation problems. Typical drywall cracks will appear around door frames and windows, in the ceiling, in corners, and along the wall. Drywall tape can be a good indicator, especially if it’s ripping or coming loose.

Uneven floors

Even a slightly uneven floor can be a sign of foundation settlement.

Tilting chimneys

A chimney that tilts or leans must be repaired right away before someone gets hurt from falling mortar. Even worse, the chimney could fall on your house. A leaning or tilted chimney is often a noticeable foundation issue.

Floor cracks

Cracks in your concrete floor slab could mean foundation settlement. However, it may also be that the slab floor alone has settled. Sometimes, a slab floor sinks independently of the foundation walls, damaging the floor but not necessarily the walls.

If you see any of the above – or even something suspicious that isn’t listed here – contact us today and ask for a foundation evaluation and repair estimate. Dalinghaus Construction has been repairing foundations in Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties since 2011. We’ve got you covered.

What Is Foundation & Repair?

Orange County Foundation Repair: Free Home Inspections
signs and symtoms
signs and symtoms

Why Do Foundations Settle?

All structures will settle into the soil slightly after they’re built. As long as the settlement is uniform, this is nothing to worry about. The problem is differential settlement, or when the building settles into the soil unevenly. Differential settlement puts considerable stress on a foundation and puts everything out of plumb.
Differential settlement is caused by various things, including the following:
Soil that wasn’t adequately prepped

Soil needs to be correctly tamped down before you build something on top of it. If this isn’t done, the building will settle into the soil unevenly after it’s built, causing differential settlement.

Poor drainage around the foundation

Poor drainage is probably the leading cause of foundation problems. Soil with a lot of clay expands when it soaks up water and shrinks when it dries out. This creates movement under the foundation and will, over time, lead to differential settlement. Other types of soil are prone to erosion. Soil erosion under a foundation can lead to the formation of voids. When the foundation sinks into the voids, it will become uneven.

Excavation close to the foundation

Heavy excavation too close to a foundation can destabilize the soil under the foundation leading to differential settlement.

Weather changes after construction

f you build a structure on top of clay-rich soil during the dry season, the ground will swell when the wet season returns, creating movement under the foundation. This could lead to differential settlement.

Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods

Foundation Repair Solutions For Southern California (Including Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties) and Phoenix, Arizona

Dalinghaus can permanently repair a foundation problem using a push pier or helical pier system installed along the foundation footing and grade beams. These steel piers are hydraulically driven into the ground until they reach competent soils or bedrock beneath the foundation. 
Push or helical piers are the best way to bring your foundation back to level. Our pier systems are all hot-dip galvanized (HDG) for additional corrosion protection and extended life expectancy.
Push Pier Underpinning
Saving Hillside Pool With Helical Piers


Repairing a home’s foundation can be complicated, but we make it simple for homeowners!

Step One - Perform a Foundation Inspection

The first step is a foundation inspection. One of our knowledgeable inspectors will draw a scaled home diagram and perform a thorough evaluation of your property, including floor elevation measurements.

Step Two - Draw Up a Personalized Repair Plan

If we find an issue with the foundation, we’ll give you a full report on what we found, a CAD drawing of your property, and our repair plan.

Step Three - Perform the Necessary Repairs

Once you agree with our foundation repair plan for your property, we’ll get the required city permits and perform the repairs. Most foundation repair projects involve installing push piers or helical piers to transfer the home’s weight away from incompetent clay soils.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer

How Much is Foundation Repair?

See some of our recent foundation repair projects where our crews lifted homes!

foundation repair

FREE Foundation Repair Guide

Download our free foundation repair guide for Southern California & Central Arizona homeowners.

This checklist will help you spot any common foundation problems around your home and how you can fix them.

Orange County Foundation Contractor

Why Dalinghaus

We’re a family owned and operated business that has expanded to 50+ employees and helped provide peace of mind to thousands of families across Southern California. In 2019 our team repaired 350+ foundations, while inspecting well over a thousand foundations. With over 50 years of collective experience in the construction and Orange County foundation inspection industries, our team has seen everything there is to see in the foundation repair industry.

If you think your Southern California or Phoenix, Arizona property might need foundation repair, contact us today and schedule a free evaluation.


Why should I choose your company for my construction needs?

We’re highly skilled and experienced. Our staff, and more importantly, our installation crew, has many years of experience in all of our specialties. We completed 350+ foundation repair related projects for customers in 2019 alone.

We also utilize the most technologically advanced Customer Service Program in the industry.

You can trust us to get the job done completely and correctly. When we start your project, we stay on it until your project is completed, and completed to your full satisfaction.

Who handles the permitting and engineering process for my project?

Dalinghaus Construction has dedicated staff that specializes in the permitting and engineering process and procedures, from the start of a project until the project is finalized.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing with loan amounts of up to $100,000 and industry competitive rates.

The process is easy! The financing qualification is a soft credit check and will not impact your credit score. Additionally, you can get mobile friendly qualifications in less than 60 seconds!

Is your warranty transferable?

Yes, we offer a 25 year transferable warranty, not only on the material, but on the labor involved to conduct the repairs as well.

Do you provide updates to my project and billing?

Most definitely! We utilize a customer-specific website that allows clients to have their very own customer login. They’ll be able to follow their project’s schedule, progress, updates, billing info, daily logs, pictures, documents, and warranty information.

How do you find the right solution for homes with foundation related problems/issues?

We utilize a series of professional steps and procedures. These include drawing out the floor plan of your home, analyzing the physical condition of your home and taking precise floor measurements within 1/10th of an inch.

Do you have engineers on staff?

Dalinghaus Construction prefers to utilize independent engineering firms for your project. Doing so allows for an unbiased review of the repair recommendations, ensuring that the proper and correct fix is determined for your home.

What are your geotechnical foundation solutions?

Dalinghaus specializes in geotechnical foundation solutions for commercial, municipal and industrial applications, among others.

Where can I find more information and customer reviews about Dalinghaus?

Check us out on social media: Facebook, Yelp, Google Reviews, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn. We are very active and get a lot of customer feedback! There you can also find tips of the day and educational videos featuring all of our own team members.

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