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Our Story

Our Story In Foundation Repair

In 2011, with 25 years of collective experience in the Construction Industry in both the Midwest and California, we (brothers Brian and Brad Dalinghaus) decided to form a new business to focus primarily on home-remodeling and real estate investment properties in Southern California. Our craftsmanship quickly became recognized and admired by many and our referrals grew rapidly, by word of mouth, from our satisfied home-owners and investment partners.

Additionally, we also began to be referred by leading engineering, architectural, and real estate professionals, in both the Residential and Commercial markets, who had seen the quality of the workmanship and experienced project management we had put into our projects. This lead to expanding and developing those relationships into a mutual reliability for project completion and quality assurance.

Indeed, it was this continual referral from the professionals that led us to formally expand our business in 2015 to include foundation repair work as a standard offering. This led to major growth in our Commercial segment and, as our company grew, we added several key players with specialist skills in this arena, such that our team can now boast over 30 years of collective experience in Southern California alone.

We have always taken pride in our determination to complete a project quickly and efficiently, but to that we can now offer a portfolio which includes the ability to deliver a full and comprehensive project fix, be it a teardown, a foundation stabilization or repair, a total or partial home remodel or simply adding the finishing touches to your kitchen or bath.

Our promise to you: We “NEVER SETTLE” for anything but the BEST!

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