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Sloping Floors

Sloping Floors Foundation Repair

What Causes Sloping Floors?

Various issues can cause sloping floors.


If your crawl space or slab foundation begins to settle into the soil below, your floors will slope toward the lowest settling section.


If moisture builds up inside your crawl space, your wooden joists and support posts can absorb water, leading to rot and mold. This will slowly weaken the joists and posts, causing them to deteriorate and crumble.

Sloping Floor Solutions

Here are a few different solutions for sloping floors.

Crawl space jacks

If your sloping floors are a result of failing crawl space posts, we can use jacks to lift the joists, correct the sloping, and keep your floor stabilized.

Post and pad replacement

We can replace failing or beyond-repair posts and pads inside your crawl space. This work can be completed in a day, causing minimal disturbance to you and your home.


If we determine that your sloping floors are a result of settlement, we can use underpinning to lift and level your foundation.

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Sloping Floors Foundation Repair
Slopin Floors


Is it normal to have sloping floors?

While sloping floors are normal or more common in older homes, you don’t have to live with them.

How much does it cost to fix a sloping floor?

 Since sloping floors can be caused by different issues and require separate solutions, the cost to repair them can range from $1,000 to beyond $10,000. 

Do uneven floors mean foundation problems?

Uneven or sloping floors can indicate you have a structural problem or settling problem with your foundation.

Can you sell a house with uneven floors?

Yes, you can sell a home with uneven or sloping floors. But, you might get more value out of your home if you repair any issues associated with foundation repair.
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