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Foundation Repair in Pahrump, NV

foundation inspection

Foundation Repair In The City of Pahrump

The city on the Nevada-California border an hour away from Vegas, Pahrump, NV, has a continuously increasing population, reaching 38,000 in 2018. Great wines, a nice speedway, culture festivals, and spectacular events show Pahrump, NV, has a lot to offer visitors.

It also has plenty of nice properties that are susceptible to foundation issues, whether it’s from foundation settlement, concrete damage on the foundation, or crawlspace issues. With its mix of different soils and properties in the area having issues with draining, home and business owners deal with a whole plethora of issues.

But these foundation-related problems aren’t something you have to worry about on your own. There are reliable contractors out there willing to help you out. Dalinghaus Construction is one of those contractors, especially when we specialize in foundation repair, crawlspace repair, and concrete removal and replacement.

Since 2015, we’ve earned a reputation as a trusted foundation repair contractor, especially after finishing over 2,000 projects in Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California. Our teams have done plenty of work in Pahrump, NV, providing high-quality foundation repair solutions you can rely on.

What are the signs of foundation issues in Pahrump, NV?

Very similar to Arizona, Nevada has soil that leaves homes and businesses open to having foundation issues. And many homeowners in the state don’t believe in proper drainage. You’ll see multiple signs before you should consider reaching out to a foundation specialist.

When people think of Nevada, they think of a continuously dry desert area without any water. But monsoon season does reach even the desert areas with a vengeance as though Storm from X-Men has to summon clouds to use heavy rain against a supervillain. And with poor drainage, water becomes a supervillain for your concrete foundation.

You’ll see your concrete spalling on the footing of your home or business. That or you may see the rebar start to blow out, which is when the metal oxidizes (rusts) and expands, causing cracks and destroying concrete. Sometimes it’s a mix of both.

When you see any of these signs, you want to make sure you’re contacting a foundation repair specialist such as Dalinghaus Construction. That way you can receive quality services for foundation repair. That way you’re keeping your home and business protected and stable.

How does the foundation repair process go in Parhrump, AZ?

One of our Project Design Specialists will go to your door to do a scheduled free 60-90 minute foundation inspection.

Keep in mind the inspection is free if the property is NOT on the market. A real estate foundation inspection will be $1,000, which is credited toward your foundation repair

A scaled diagram of your property is made with floor elevation measurements to figure out the potential issues with your foundation.

After this, you’ll receive foundation repair plans based on what was found. So you’ll be receiving the CAD drawing your Project Design Specialist created, a full report, and the recommended foundation repair plan.

Finally, one of our production teams will be at your property to do your foundation repair.

What types of foundation repair happen in Pahrump, NV?

Dalinghaus Construction won’t use concrete as an underpinning for your foundation. Sometimes concrete will exacerbate your foundation issues if it doesn’t reach competent soil or bedrock. Plus, the process of installing concrete to support your foundation can be invasive depending on what you get.

We instead use galvanized steel push pier and helical pier underpinnings, which are both driven into the soil until reaching competent soil, bedrock, or recommended torque (for helicals specifically). They are both attached to the concrete footing of your foundation to support and stabilize your home or business so it isn’t further affected by foundation settlement.

They’re installed a little bit differently since push piers are metal posts and helical piers have helices at the base. Push piers are hydraulically driven into the ground using the weight of a structure, while helical piers are basically put in like a screw using helical torque motors.

As for your crawlspace, you want to make sure your floors are supported. That’s why we have one of our teams going through your crawlspace to either replace deteriorated wood or install crawlspace jacks to support your subfloor. Crawlspace repair is essential to make sure your floors are back to normal.

We’ll also do seismic retrofitting to make sure your home or business is bolted down to your foundation. It likely won’t slip off or anything, but seismic retrofitting won’t hurt.

Why would I need concrete removal and replacement?

As discussed earlier, most owners don’t believe drainage is a big deal since it’s usually dry. That’s until the monsoon season. The water pools right next to the foundation instead of going away. This tends to damage the foundation through concrete spalling or rebar blowout.

Dalinghaus Construction will take out the excessively damaged concrete, shore everything up, install new rebar, and cover everything with new concrete. That way your home or business isn’t further affected by foundation damage.

Reasons for foundation repair and concrete removal and replacement in Pahrump, NV?


Foundation damage isn’t fun to deal with. It might be something you can wait on, but the damage is cosmetically there. Foundation repair will let you deal with that cosmetic damage directly with less worry of them coming back.


The majority of foundation issues are cosmetic, thankfully. Everyone is worried about structural damage, but that is uncommon. However, a home or business without foundation repair can eventually deal with structural damage if the issues are severe enough.


If the damage becomes a structural issue, you’re at risk of having your home or business red-tagged, meaning it’s deemed dangerous to inhabit. Don’t let it get there. Foundation repair will make it far less likely that you will have to deal with red-tagging.


Foundation issues can affect how you put a pep in your step when getting your morning coffee. One part of your floor will be fine while the other affected by foundation settlements slopes. Foundation repair via leveling will have your floor relatively back to normal as far as your body is concerned.

home jackhammer
home jackhammer
Foundation Repair 1285
Foundation Repair 1285


Foundation issues can decrease the value of your property by 30%. It’s not fun, especially if you plan to sell on the market. And you can’t hide this unless you want to deal with a court and lawyers. Spoiler alert: bad idea.

Foundation repair will let you keep your property closer to its full value.


You don’t want these damages to also impact your potential buyers. Since these issues need to be legally disclosed on the market. This will restrict you to cash buyers, who are the ones who can negotiate the property value down. Foundation repair raises the likelihood banks will loan out to new homeowners, letting you keep the full value of your property and broadening potential buyers.


Your floors don’t feel good when they aren’t properly supported. It feels as though your home is feeling down physically and emotionally. Crawlspace repair will have your floors feeling as though they can do their job in supporting you not only well, but as well as new.


Foundation repair, crawlspace repair, and concrete removal and replacement are good ideas for stability (for you and your home) and to protect your investment. You increase the longevity of your home or business’s wellness, letting it last a full lifetime.

Don’t sit on your foundation repair – schedule a foundation inspection today!

Don’t make yourself keep worrying about your home or business. Your foundation is something you should take seriously. Might as well schedule a foundation inspection.

The inspection is free for properties off the market. $1000 for a real estate inspection, which is still credited toward your foundation repair.

Schedule for foundation inspection today!

Are you ready to learn more about what’s happening to your home’s foundation

We offer free, no-obligation foundation inspections to homeowners.

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