Cracked Concrete Slab

Cracked Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Cracks in concrete can cause numerous problems with a home.  Not only are they unpleasing to the eye they can have significant negative structural implications.  Cracks are usually caused by a source or an underlying factor.  These factors can be from your exterior foundation moving up or down or even sideways if you are on a slope.  

Cracks in your home’s slab not only can have structural implications, but they can also be a great entry point for water intrusion and insects.  We have even seen large cracks that have allowed rodents to enter and exit the home!  

The reason that a crack occurs in a certain spot is that it is acting like a hinge point for the movement.  That area where the crack is is more than likely the area that is experiencing the most stress.  Just like when an earthquake occurs you have fissures in the ground to relieve the stress.  This can be said the same for a crack in your slab.  If you are experiencing foundation movement, you will be able to follow the crack to the exterior of the home where there, more than likely, is a crack in the exterior foundation.  Our goal when repairing these cracks is to alleviate the additional load or stress that is being applied to the slab and foundation.  Once the stress is relieved then we are able to repair the crack.

Just addressing the crack without fixing the real cause of the crack is something that we see in a lot of homes that we inspect.  Inevitably, whatever repair method is performed on the crack typically fails without fixing the underlying problem.  If you are noticing cracks in your slab or foundation, we highly recommend that you have a foundation repair specialist inspect the crack and find the underlying cause.

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